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The sharp rise in premiums for their professional Karen Millen Dress liability insurance left many midwives fear for their existence. The dispute simmered for months with health insurance: Now both parties have agreed on a compensation for the midwives. Berlin - For months, have negotiated Midwifery Associations with health insurance have more money to offset the increased insurance premiums for obstetricians. Now they have agreed on compensation, the leading association of public health insurance SHI said on Tuesday in Berlin. The agreement is retroactive to the first July. On this date, the contributions to the professional liability had risen again - by 15 percent in 4200 € per year. Just for this insurance professional midwives must therefore work for about a month. In Germany only provide about 3,000 professional midwives to classical obstetrics. The cash balance is now decided by the type of EUR 1.7 million more a year for working in the obstetrics professional midwives explained the Statutory Health Insurance Funds Association. A midwife get additional points for every looked after their birth in the birthplace of € 25.60 and € 78 at a home birth. Independent midwives have long complained that they were caught by the increase in professional liability Tariff existential needs. For the needs of the midwives had also recently Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) was used. Also for midwives who are Karen Millen Dresses not working in obstetrics, Vergünstungspositionen were increased. Your premiums Karen Millen Dress for professional liability insurance was also increased slightly. There was no agreement with the increase of fees. An offer Karen Millen of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds in excess of ten percent would have rejected the midwives representatives. The German Midwives Association calls for an increase in pay per hour from just under 7.50 to € 10.00, representing an increase of about 30 percent. You want to display the cash now, call the Center. Statutory health insurance are at a pregnancy is entitled to assistance from an employee or self-employed midwife. In Germany, an estimated 18,000 midwives working. Only part of them is permanently employed, such as in hospitals. 60 percent are working freelance, with most births no longer care. Many offer only prenatal care and childbirth-care for women.

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